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Experience the atmosphere

Cellar at the well

The cellar by the well is the the most romantic spot in the Penzion. These newly reconstructed historic brick cellars maintain the unique historic character of these spaces. 

Free WiFi internet access is available. We can also lend you all audiovisual equipment: sound system, data projector and projection screen, flipchart. We will provide hot and cold drinks by appointment. Other refreshments or treats can be arranged in one of the nearby restaurants or in cooperation with a catering company.


first 2 hrs other hr
4 000 CZK 1 800 CZK


tables and chairs 35-40 persons


bottled water 25 CZK / 1 EUR
ice tea 30 CZK / 1,2 EUR
juice 40 CZK / 1,6 EUR
beer 50 CZK / 2 EUR
wine 50 CZK / 2 EUR

Technology Rental:

WiFi free
flipchart 200 CZK / 8 EUR
dataprojector 600 CZK / 23 EUR
screen 150 CZK / 6 EUR
sound equipment 500 CZK / 20 EUR
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+420 721 647 598
Penzion Integrity v Brně hodnocení

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Penzion Integrity

Hlinky 50/128,
603 00 Brno

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+420 721 647 598

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